VINE! How to Get ReVines and Followers to Promote Your Page




If Twitter and Instagram had and offspring…it would look just like Vine. Vine is Twitter’s new short form (7 seconds only!) video platform that works a lot like the photo sharing site: But, the videos are highly addictive as you quickly see what friends and followers have to say with only seconds in front of the cel-camera. Vine also has the ability to edit your video clips and use #hashtags.

We can send thousands of ReVines (Vine members share your new video) Followers and more. This helps your videos have a better chance of going viral in the relatively new medium. See the order options above.

Why is it so exciting? It’s fun, addictive, creative, and it’s only just started. We predict entire new ways of communicating via short form video are about to explode on the scene. After all, this is a colorful, fast-moving, high definition, screen media entertainment and information source for the youth in today’s social media world.

NOTE: Please allow 2-4 days to complete your order.