Top Article Re-Distribution and Spin/Distribution for Your Press or Post




The more article sites that mention your website online, the better your SEO and Google Ranking. We will promote 1 article or post and redistribute it to websites to earn at least 200+ Google Backlinks with our Article placements.

This is how it works: We will take your short article, distribute it once to article and blog sites, then adjust a few words (spin the article), and repost it hundreds of times on sites all over the internet. “Spinning” the article allows it to appear as “new” content so that Google will recognize the mention of your site again. This service is invaluable for Search Engine Optimization and valued Backlinks to your site. Report with all new live links is provided.

NOTE: Client to write article-500 words or less. Include important keywords and a full company name and website link. If you’d like our journalists to write your article, please ADD our Writing Service to your cart.