Promote Your Amazon Book, Product, or Kindle eBook to 50 Targeted Facebook Groups




Our team of book promoters will list your book at some of Facebook’s most popular Kindle sites. We guarantee live listing of your book posted to at least 50 Facebook Kindle groups filled with more than half a million book lovers.

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WE CAN PROMOTE ANY AMAZON LISTING. You may have the best book ever written, a great new song recorded, or superb film-making skills, but without proper marketing its more likely that your product will vanish among the vast numbers of listings on Amazon. Let us help you stand apart from the rest.

Specify if you’d like to promote to Facebook Kindle Groups, a Facebook Music Groups or “General Interest Groups.”

NOTE: Allow up to 5 days for full delivery. If you are planning a “Kindle Free Day” please be sure to order your service in time for your promotion.