Jr. Sized Facebook Promotions




If you are ready to give your Facebook campaign a push but don’t want to add tens of thousands of fans, subscribers and likes, this “discreetly” sized promotion may be just for you.

We will add Facebook Likes, and Subscribers/Followers to your site in small doses. No Bot or proxy will be in use. You will usually get the first Likes within 48 hours. Make your site look as good as it should.

NOTE: Minimum orders are $50.00. More views than ordered my result from your promotion. Due to the rapidly changing business landscape of Facebook and its infrastructure and policies, we do not guarantee ordered Likes to stay indefinitely. Facebook member’s accounts are not under our control. We will promote your site to attract Facebook members and they may, or may not become long term fans who follow your site for years. We will guarantee all purchases for at least 90 days.

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