How To Be Successful with your Crowdfunding Campaign Project




This is an all-in-one marketing solution for launching your Crowdfunding product into the top pages of search engines. These supportive SEO services, combined with your featured spots in the NEWS, will deliver maximum PR results and help your campaign to “trend” online.

To Get Your Project FUNDED…You should be marketing!

Here are the services delivered with this promotion:

  • First, we will have our Crowdfunding Experts review and and suggest improvements for your project listing so that it conveys the best possible pitch. They will also give you tips on how to make the project more likely to succeed. 
    • E-book included: the complete Crowdfunding Project Promotion Guide

Best_Place_for _Press_Releases_Mohr_Publicity

  • Our journalists will write 3 original Press Releases and we will distribute them to top Online NEWS sites. Live links of your NEWS online will be provided in your report. Your News will be posted on Google NEWS, as well.


  • We will send 30,000 real visitors to your Crowdfunding site within 14 days. This can help push your project into the ranks of “Trending” so it is more likely to be featured at the top of popular lists.
  • We guarantee up to 10 investors will make contributions to your campaign. This helps create momentum. NOTE: Average contribution $10 or less per investor. Some investors may also make positive comments online about your project.
  • We will send 5,000 Social shares in the form of Facebook-Likes, Twitter-Shares, LinkedIN-shares, etc. to your Crowdfunding Page through our promotions.
  • We will add 150 Social Media Bookmarks linking to your Crowdfunding webpage from top social media sites.
  • We will send views and comments to your YouTube Video Trailer or YouTube Product Demonstration. This will increase your views by at least 20,000 and generate real comments, and will result in a better ranking on YouTube.
  • We will ReTweet 5 messages about your project a total of 5000 times each (25,000 total ReTweets) on Twitter using sophisticated #hashtags and short links.


  • We will send you 25,000 New Twitter Followers to your Twitter page.
  • We will have 25 Twitter members Tweet about your campaign every day for 2 weeks.

Contact TV and Cable Stations

  • We will upload your campaign video to 80 Top video sites (be sure to have your website link to your crowdfunding page in the video description) to spread exposure.
  • We will add 5000 Facebook Likes to your official Facebook Page. A popular Facebook page gives potential investors confidence in your project and encourages more people to “Like” your page.

Many of our clients have fulfilled their funding goals. Our services are designed to be the TOTAL PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE.

NOTE: NO passwords or admin access required. Reports provided for all services. Add RUSH Service to your GOLD Package to get your delivery FAST.

Just send us your Crowdfunding link/website and we will build and deliver the SEO strategy from the ground up. Articles are allowed 2 revisions only and are posted after final edit to the National News. Delivery time: 3-4 Days after articles finalized. Panda and Hummingbird optimized submissions. Please allow 2-3 days to receive your SEO (search engine optimized) article. Please “backtime” your promotion so that you will see more potential for new donations before your deadline.

This service is potent SEO Alchemy. CLICK HERE to see our SILVER Version of this service.


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