How to Promote Your Movie Using High Tech Social Media Film Publicity Methods




This is a powerful Broadcast and Social Media promotion. The PR experts at Mohr Publicity will launch an international campaign to boost your status, earnings, and new business opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of using this service:

  • High Social Media numbers look great to top film distributors and lead to better distribution offers
  • Excellent IMDb Ratings and Reviews increase sales and attract investors for future projects
  • Top Rotten Tomatoes Ratings show up on Roku and other digital mediums and generate more views and VOD rentals
  • Reviews and Ratings attract more online rentals and purchases
  • Press Coverage and positive Media attention help a film’s directors and cast members land new projects
  • YouTube Views and Twitter ReTweets make a movie rank better online and “trend”

Mohr P


ublicity eates excitement and “buzz” for your movie…fast 

Our Movie Promotion service includes these Marketing Services :

  • We will send your movie trailer 40,000 YouTube views and 100 “likes” for better ranking on
  • We will add 30 positive comments to your YouTube Video Trailer
  • Tweet the message about your film to 1 million Twitter followers
  • Post a message about your film to 6 million Facebook members
  • 2,000 Facebook Likes/Fans added to your film’s Facebook Page
  • We will send 40,000 visitors to your film’s website in 60 days
  • 50,000 Twitter Followers added to your movie’s Twitter Page
  • Your movie trailer uploaded to 40 top Video sites 
  • 10,000 visitors to your IMDb page
  • We will send 100 Fans to rate your original film on with 10 STARS 
  • 1 Positive Written IMDb Review
  • 2,000 IMDb Facebook Likes to movie page to help improve your ranking 
  • 100 Rotten Tomatoes Audience Ratings plus 10 positive audience reviews
  • 4 DVD/VOD Reviews on your movie’s page
  • 3 Press Releases- NEWS articles about your movie placed in 100 top NEWS sites online and on 2000 article/wiki sites (Client to supply articles)
  • You will receive reports for ALL services. 100% Guaranteed.

Make your movie’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Website Traffic soar.

Our services are designed to be the ALL-IN-ONE PROMOTIONAL PACKAGE. This is an complete marketing solution for launching your film into the top pages of search engines. These supportive SEO services combined with your featured spot on the show, will deliver maximum PR results and help your film to “trend” online.

Want to be a big player in the movie industry? Order Today.

NOTE: All services will be delivered with complete reports showing live links and “before” and “after” screenshots. NO passwords or admin access required for any promotions. Just send us your website(s) and we will build and deliver the SEO strategy from the ground up. Panda optimized submissions. This service is potent SEO Alchemy.  

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