How to Add 10,000 Keek Views and Plays to Your Page


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Keek is a new Twitter-based social marketing website. Keek gives short video status updates and has been profiled in “Techcrunch” and “Mashable” as the next big thing in social media.

We can quickly add thousands of views and plays to your video(s) at High view/play counts can bring you to the “Most Viewed” list and attract more attention to your video. We can also add Keek Followers/Likes and Subscribers. is among the top 2,000 sites in the world according to Alexa rankings, and growing fast. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get on top!

NOTE: No passwords or login required. We just need your Keek Video Link. Allow 2-5 days for delivery. You may receive more views/likes/followers than ordered.