How to Get YouTube or VEVO Approved Safe Views after 2017 Update




The days of simple view promotions are a thing of the past. YouTube has become extremely strict about the types of views it will approve, and has banned millions of videos for “robot” promotions and view purchases.

Now there is a solution.

Mohr Publicity technicians now work directly with YouTube to get your video approved for promotion. Now you can buy the highest quality YouTube views available at the lowest possible price. Best, these promotions are supported by YouTube itself before they start.

This service helps put your video in the good graces of YouTube management directly. We contact our YouTube account managers and get your video views approved before promoting by Mohr Publicity. This service delivers the safest growth with the biggest “click back” return. You will see real, targeted viewers watching your video and visiting your site. Included in this promotion:

  • Age Targeted Viewers
  • Location Targeted Viewers
  • Keyword Targeted Viewers
  • Real Visitors To Your Main Website via Embedded Video Link

This is the best way to add views to your video. It cost a bit more, but try it once and we’re sure you will be back for more.

NOTE: Please allow 1-3 days to get your video approved by YouTube management. Delivery times vary. Most videos see at least 300-1000 views per day. Please allow more time for larger orders. Your initial approval is guaranteed-if your video is not approved, you will receive a refund.