How to Get a Twitter Verified Account with Blue Check Badge-Available Soon



Is your Twitter account completely ready to be Verified? Twitter has stated that having a large number of “Verified” Twitter Followers (with the official Blue Check Badge) can help your page become verified in the future. We can assist with this issue. We will give you 50 verified Twitter followers and make your page look great. CLICK HERE to ADD 50 Verified Followers to your page.

Watch the video and if you’d like to increase your number of regular Twitter Followers, visit this LINK.

Our simple instructions for getting your Twitter account verified in the legitimate, legal manner are being updated and can soon be downloaded. Twitter sometimes posts that Verifications are not “open to the public” but they continue to allow applications for Verifications. You can be first in line as their verification process continues. Our techs have more than 9 years experience Verifying Twitter accounts and this method is proven effective with updates for the current year (2015) included.

Twitter Verification (the Blue Check next to the names of the most famous Twitter members and companies) is a process that will require your personal information, phone number and updates. For this reason, we offer these instructions to each client to carry out privately for best results. Just click the order button and you will be able to view and save your instructions in a downloadable E-book immediately.

NOTE: A valid Twitter account following Twitter rules and terms of service is required.

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