Get Likes on Every Instagram Photo – Automatically!


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Our “Auto” Likes service is an easy-to-use social media promotion. With this service, we will automatically promote your next 30 photos and send likes to any new pics you post. No need to alert us about new posts. Everything is completely, 100% automatic. We will watch your page for new posts and promote your photo when it goes up. No password or login needed. Order once, and we will do all the work.

Use at your own rate. We will promote 30 photos over the course of a few days, weeks, months…or however long it takes to complete your order.

Most of our clients who order this service, reorder and return for more. So, to save time, clients may order 5 batches of 30 Photo promotions, and get 1 batch FREE. Put 5 in your cart and we will add an additional 30 Photo Promotions…FREE (180 photo promotions for the price of 150).

NOTE: No split orders. All photos must be consecutive and posted at one Instagram Account.