Lady Gaga and Rihanna: Twitter Secrets Revealed

Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter with over 25 million followers. Rihanna ranks at number 4 with over 20 million fans according to Twitaholic. But look closely at their followers and you will see thousands upon thousands of Twitter “Eggs.”

What are Twitter Eggs?

Twitter Eggs are the default avatar picture provided by Twitter to all new users. If a twitter egg has no profile, no followers, and no tweets, it could be a spam bot. According to, many people will not follow an egg because they think that it is spam or a bot and many are not interested in talking to eggs for the same reason.

We don’t Deliver Eggs

Twitter has been called the online equivalent of HBO. Mohr Publicity values this platform and the “followers” they provide have real posts, unique photos, and interesting profiles.

“Building a strong brand doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen fast,” says Mohr, “It takes laser-focused effort and the quality connections to get you to the top.”