DIGITAL NEWS REVOLUTION: The Next Big Thing in Social Media

New Era Marks Huge PR Potential for Future Stars, Says Mohr Publicity

In a world where 77% of Americans own a smartphone and “fake news” from online sources is a political football, it comes as little surprise that over half of us consume our news and information from the small screen – and often from our favorite social media site.

The first Global Relevance Review, which surveyed 13,000 people around the world on where they got their information from, found that 59% people got up-to-speed using social media.

“This only confirms what we have known here for a long time – that social media is starting to dominate the news,” said Sandra Mohr, CEO and founder of Mohr Publicity, a Hollywood-based PR agency. “Just as radio overtook newspapers, and then TV overtook radio, social media is rapidly becoming the place to get informed. For our clients, that means being seen on Twitter or Facebook is one of the most important parts of their overall publicity strategy.”

Mohr Publicity’s location in Hollywood has made it a leading agency for aspiring stars and businesses in Los Angeles who want to be seen and heard in a town that so often ignores up-and-coming talent in favor of the big names.

The agency, which has carved out a reputation for offering strong online campaigns using social media, is at the vanguard of this sea-change in how people both access and consume news and information and helps to place its clients in the digital spotlight.

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About Mohr Publicity

Established in 1997, Mohr Publicity is a Hollywood-based public relations agency built for the internet age which uses social media, videos, and websites to deliver a powerful marketing message to brands and stars in the making. For more information, please visit Mohr Publicity’s website.







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