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Best way to promote social media

Advanced social media marketing formulas are helping new artists, filmmakers and musicians to compete in cyberspace with impressive results.

Hollywood, CA- Today. social media is a powerful resource for next generation authors, musicians and artists to promote their projects. As more and more young creatives turn to DIY promotions, social media is often an attractive option for independent artists. If you want to know how to promote your film, music, band or book, perhaps the best way is through social media. Social media gives you direct access to your fans. You can interact with them on a personal level, share your artistic process, personal anecdotes, daily experiences and more. Over time, you can develop a loyal fan base through your interactions on social media. Many authors, musicians and artists are using social media quite effectively. Here are 5 common ways that these next generation superstars are using social media:


1. Video – Videos are an excellent way to share your creative inspiration, creative process and talk about your finished works. YouTube will provide you with a huge audience. Plus, you can link to your videos across your other social networks. People love to watch, share and embed videos. Don’t worry if you don’t have professional video equipment. Viewers don’t expect professional quality and will appreciate your videos for their content. If you want to boost your views and potentially go viral, be sure to use a reputable company like Mohr Publicity to promote your YouTube or Vimeo Video so that your account grows safely.


2. Photo Sharing – Photo sharing social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest are very popular. There are many ways that authors, bands and artists can make use of photo sharing on social media. Photos can give insight into your creative process and your inspiration. If you’re an author, post pictures of your favorite writing spots. If you’re a band, share photos of the crowd, green room, set list and encourage fans to send you photos to post. If you’re an artists, share photos of your studio, inspirations, sketches and finished works. The sky is the limit for creativity on these sites. Remember to work with your publicist to develop a plan and attract new Instagram or Pinterest followers overall social media campaign.


3. Direct Interaction – Interacting with fans is a powerful way that authors, bands and artists use social media. The ability to receive feedback, ask questions, answer questions and share ideas with fans is incredible. Until social media, many creatives could not directly interact with masses of their fan base.


4. Contests/Promotions – Many artists are using affordable press releases to spread the word about contests and promotions. PR is a great way to announce and hold contests and giveaways for special promotions. Ask your publicist about implementing social media promotions during the lead up to special events. You can effectively use social media to generate a buzz by holding contests and promotions.


5. Feedback – Social media can provide you with instant feedback. You can test out your ideas quickly on social media. Your followers will be your loyal fan base, so they will be an effective test group for new ideas. Work with your publicist to develop the most effective strategy for testing ideas and inspirations through social media.


If you are uncomfortable doing outreach to fans yourself, or if you would like to take your publicity up a notch or two, budget friendly companies like Mohr Publicity can help. Mohr Publicity is comprised of more than 40 technicians, writers and computer “geeks” who pride themselves on being first rate in the world of social media traffic generation. For more information about Mohr Publicity, and to order their publicity services to help generate interest in your book, new product, music or film, visit their website at .



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