Get Great Book Reviews and VOTES UP for Your Amazon, Goodreads or Kindle Site


We can add verified Amazon Reviews to your product page. We will tell people about your product, then reward them for taking the time to buy and review. If we encourage people to add 10 “thumbs up” votes on a particular review, it will usually rank at, or near the top, and be one of the first reviews people see when they land on your page.



This service is to support authors and publishers in launching their new Book or Kindle eBook by adding ratings/reviews to their product. Good ratings encourage sales and help your Amazon, Kindle and Goodreads ranking. We can encourage Amazon members to buy and review your book (or movie, or product, or eBook) listed at and post reviews on your Amazon, Kindle or Goodreads page. Please provide your product title and link to ensure we review the correct product.

Choose one site to promote or split among 2 or more websites. We will contact you about your preference after your order comes in.

Amazon, Goodreads and Kindle reviews are from Amazon, Facebook and other users. The estimated time for delivery is usually 6-8 days. Rush Service available. This service includes a detailed report showing your new reviews posted, or votes up on reviews. NO passwords or admin needed. Just send us your product site and we will do the promotion for you.

NOTE: Verified (product purchased) reviews will require an additional charge. Clients to submit suggestions for reviews to post for the 4-Post service.

Each Review is ranked by which has been the most helpful. If we add 10 “thumbs up” votes on a particular review, it will usually rank at, or near the top and be one of the first reviews a person sees when they land on the page.