Social Proof: Add Facebook Likes, Shares, Tweets, and LinkedIn Shares to an Article or Website


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Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News and other Internet NEWS sites are the place people check in for their daily world updates. Each article has a collection of buttons near the top and the NEWS Agencies use these numbers to determine how much people like the author’s writing style and ideas.
This is how it looks when the article first posts:


And THIS is how it looks when we complete our SOCIAL PROOF promotions:

Great “Social Proof” can open doors for a writer or open minds to a new concept. Order some today and we’re sure you will be back for more when you see the benefits.

We will add the following to your webpage or post:

  • 12,000 Facebook Likes
  • 1500 Facebook Shares
  • 1400 LinkedIn Shares
  • 5 Email Shares
  • 10 Custom Comments

100% guaranteed refund on any we do not deliver as promised. Please allow 4-8 Days to complete your order. Very large orders may take additional days to complete.