Mohr Publicity: Jenna Marbles is The Next Big Thing in 2014


Mohr Publicity has awarded Jenna Marbles (Jenna Mourey) with the 2014 “Next Big Thing” in Social Media Award.

Comedian and actress Jenna Marbles has been captivating her YouTube, Twitter and Facebook followers for more than 3 years. Her irreverent and hilarious videos attract millions of views within hours making her the “Oprah” of YouTube Comedy and one of the funniest personalities online.

Just check out these stats:

3 Million Active Twitter Followers

Nearly 11 Million YouTube Subscribers

1.8 Million Facebook Fans

Jenna N. Mourey, more commonly known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American entertainer and YouTube personality. She is currently based in Santa Monica, CA. She lives with her two dogs Marbles and Kermit and frequently features them in her videos.

Congratulations Jenna Marbles. Next stop…SNL.


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